In 1975 we started laying the foundation of experience and innovations 2014 a direction that led to our current state as a prominent System Integrator. Multipolar Technology offers one-stop Information Technology services and solutions that aim to give our clients a competitive edge amid the rapid growth of IT utilization across all industries.

With constant updates and developments happening very rapidly, we are committed to bringing values by driving new improvements to our services and preparing new solutions to be offered to our clients, be it infrastructure, business solutions, professional services, managed services and data center services, all the while contributing to the overall growth of IT business.

Strong Reputation

Having earned a strong reputation in a list of comprehensive services and solutions such as Project Management and Core Banking Integration, we are constantly working on new initiatives that focus on our clientsu2019 business process and their customersu2019 experience.

Together with our subsidiaries PT Visionet Data Internasional (VisioNet) and PT Graha Teknologi Nusantara (GTN), our competent and committed team consists of more than 2000 dynamic individuals with hands-on experience in handling projects with a wide range of size and complexity. Since they hold such vital roles in offering the best technology services to our clients, we constantly maintain and support their capabilities by sharpening their skills, adding new knowledge and encouraging personal growth.

Trusted Partner

As the trusted partner of renowned technology providers such as IBM, Cisco, HPE, NCR, Lenovo, Microsoft and Oracle, we are able to extend world-class technology to our solid partnerships with our clients. Our large clientele includes all BUKU 4 and key private banks, top-tier telecommunication companies as well as major corporations in financial, government, oil and gas, retail and manufacturing industries.

We are setting our sights on consistent and sustainable growth by constantly seeking new business opportunities and sustaining the increase of operating profit.