Just like a business, managing IT also needs planning, especially in today’s rapidly changing technology. Planning your IT strategically will provide clear directions to align it with business transformations. We’ll help define your IT strategy and planning with various points of view as a starting point according to your business needs and priorities.

1.1. Digital Transformation Planning

MLPT’s Consulting Services provide your company with Digital Transformation Planning services, so that you will be ready for the impact of the transformation. Though the growth may seem deceptively unattractive at the beginning, you don’t want to miss the momentum to disrupt and gain exponential growth over your competitors.

1.2. IT Strategy & Planning

MLPT’s Consulting Services approach will ensure IT can support the achievement of your business goals with the right IT plans and guidelines by involving the business users in defining their requirements based on well-known international frameworks (TOGAF).

• IT Master Plan Development
• Enterprise Architecture Development
• Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) Development
• Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Development

1.3. IT Operation & Governance

MLPT’s Consulting Services will provide proper IT Governance and IT Service Management (ITSM) consulting services to your business and ensure that your business is able to manage IT operations and disruptions by preparing the right IT policies, standards, procedures and also guidelines to implement based on well-known international frameworks (ITIL and COBIT).

• IT Governance Capability Development
• IT Service Management Capability Development

1.4. Independent Validation & Verification (IVV)

MLPT’s Consulting Services will enable you to properly perform IT solution acquisition and implementation by utilizing the right methodology in capturing the real user requirements and providing prove that the application is successfully implemented.

• Independent Verification & Validation (IVV) Services
• IT Requirements (TOR/RFP) Development
• IT Procurement Assistance Services
• IT Project Supervision Services, including IT Project Risk Management Services
• IT Valuation Development

1.5. IT PMO Set Up & Operation Assistance

This IT Consulting Service enables your business or organization to adopt and implement the Project Management discipline to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks of your project portfolios by implementing proper selection and prioritization approach that fits to your business strategic objectives as well as taking into account your available funds and resources. The set up PMO will also make it easier to monitor and measure the performance of your project portfolio execution by employing the right enterprise project management tools and standard practices.

• IT Program Management Office (PMO) Set-Up Service
• IT Project Management Outsourcing
• Project Manager Outsourcing

1.6. Data Center Consulting

This IT Consulting Service ensures that your company has appropriate Data Center (DC) / Disaster Recovery Center (DRC), which comply to International Standards and alight with your business needs. Consult your data center needs with an experienced team of experts.

• General IT Cases
• DC/DRC Assessment & Design

1.7. Data Governance

This IT Consulting Service enables your company to build capabilities on the overall management of the availability, usability, integrity and security of data used in your enterprise. A sound data governance program includes the governing body or council, a defined set of policies and procedures, and plan to execute those procedures. You will be ready then for situations like data loss, poor data quality, misuse of stolen data.